Upper Primary

Learning about bushfires

This section introduces the theme of 'Learning about bushfires' in the context of safety messages, and is designed to support the learning needs of students in grades 4 to 6. It is aligned to Victorian Curriculum levels 5 and 6. 

The aim of the section is to provide students with a basic awareness of how fires burn, why bushfires are dangerous, when bushfires are most likely to happen, and why they occur.

Throughout this section, care needs to be taken to clarify any misconceptions students may have about bushfires. For example, some students may be familiar with plans for safe exits and a safe meeting place in the event of a house fire or a fire drill at school – when the danger is inside. Be sure they understand that in a bushfire the danger comes from outside, so people will have different safety plans depending on their circumstances.

The Fire Triangle and exploring what a fire needs to burn

Learning intention:
In this session students find out how fire burns (oxygen, fuel and heat) and how it can be put out through coming to understand the fire triangle model.

The impact of radiant heat during bushfires

Learning intention:
Students will come to understand about radiant heat and its effects. They will further be able to describe the dangers from radiant heat in a bushfire situation.

Understanding the Fire Danger Rating system

Learning intention:
Students are encouraged to use their knowledge of how fires start (The Fire Triangle) to understand that there are many causes of bushfires. They will then explore the factors and conditions related to the Fire Danger Rating system used in Victoria, and how this is a safety system for alerting people to potential bushfire dangers.

Causes and effects of a bushfire

Learning intention:
Students will come to understand and be able to identify the main causes, processes and effects of bushfires in Victoria.

Exploring Victoria's bushfire history

Learning intention:
Students read and research the history of Australian bushfires, with a particular focus on bushfires that have occurred in Victoria. This session explores the history of bushfires from the perspective they are naturally occurring events that regularly feature in our recorded history.