Lower Primary

Recovery from bushfires

This section explores the theme of how people and places recover after a bushfire. Students are introduced to how people may feel and act when recovering from a bushfire, how communities come together to support each other, and how children's artworks helped people with healing after the 2009 bushfires.

People's feelings after experiencing a bushfire

Overview: This session introduces the students to the concept that people need time and support to recover after experiencing a bushfire. They explore and predict some feelings and actions taken by people in this situation through looking at a series of images from real bushfires.

Communities working together for recovery

Overview: In this session students will explore what a community is and how it cares for each other. They will then use this understanding to view examples showing the recovery required after a community has been affected by bushfire.

How art helped children with their feelings after a bushfire

Overview: This session allows students to look at children’s artwork which was created to convey their feelings after experiencing a bushfire. The students are encouraged to look carefully and consider the art works, and how it helped people with healing after the bushfires.