Upper Primary


The Upper Primary School bushfires education module is designed to support the learning needs of students in grades 4 to 6, and is aligned to Victorian Curriculum levels 5 and 6.

The bushfires education module is structured around the four themes of 'Learning about bushfires', 'Preparing for bushfire', 'Responding to bushfires', and 'Recovering from bushfires'. Each theme is explored through downloadable, individual lessons that

  • link a particular lesson to the relevant curriculum areas
  • set out a specific learning intention
  • list suggested resources
  • sequence the learning activities, with extension activities included where applicable.

Some themes, such as ‘Preparing for Bushfires’ and ‘Recovering from Bushfires’, may be more relevant in particular contexts, e.g. bushfire prone areas, where students have directly experienced planning for bushfires, actual bushfires and what happens after a bushfire. In these contexts, students are more likely to have prior knowledge and understanding of key concepts. Teachers should carefully consider the themes and sessions that are most appropriate for their students, communities and contexts, and adapt them to best suit their particular environment and the needs and abilities of their students.