Early Years


The Early Years bushfire education module is intended to support Early Childhood educators to introduce bushfires and related concepts to children between 4 and 5 years of age and may be used with students in Prep. The module is structured around the four themes of 'Learning about bushfires', 'Preparing for bushfires', 'Responding to bushfires' and 'Recovering from bushfires'.

Under each theme is a series of downloadable lessons that explore key concepts through age-appropriate, sequenced, learning activities. Each lesson includes

  • links to the relevant Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) outcomes
  • a specific learning intention
  • a list of suggested resources
  • a general indication of how long it may take to cover an entire session.

Educators should carefully consider the themes and sessions that are most appropriate for their children, communities and contexts and adapt session content and resources accordingly. For example some themes, such as 'Preparing for bushfires' and 'Recovering from bushfires', may be more relevant in particular contexts, e.g. bushfire prone areas, where children have directly experienced planning for bushfires, actual bushfires and/or what happens after a bushfire. In these contexts, children are more likely to have prior knowledge and understanding of key concepts.

Educators are also encouraged to plan and implement sessions in collaboration with families and communities. This will ensure that children are provided with consistent information and that families are supported to be actively involved in all aspects of bushfire education.

Learning about bushfires


Learning about bushfires introduces concepts about fire and fire safety.

  • What is fire safety?
  • Types of fires
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Preparing for bushfires


Preparing for bushfires introduces who helps to keep us safe.

  • Getting to know firefighters
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Responding to bushfires


Responding to bushfires introduces how to call for help in an emergency.

  • How do we report an emergency to Triple Zero (000)?.
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Recovering from bushfires


Recovering from bushfires introduces how individuals and communities recover after bushfires and develop resilience.

  • How do people and places recover from bushfires?
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